Welcome Room Representatives!


Being a Room Representative is a fun way to get involved in your child’s classroom by working closely with teachers, parents and the PTA on various projects. The responsibilities of a Room Representative include working with your child’s teacher to coordinate three classroom parties during the year and facilitating communication to other Liberty parents in the classroom.


As the Room Representative, you will help to coordinate the Holiday Happenings party in December, the Valentine’s party and End-of-Year party (K-4) in your classroom. Also, all 4th grade Room Representatives are responsible with helping to plan the 5th grade promotion ceremony. 


Be sure to recruit others, help new parents get involved! Not only will this make your job easier, but many parents want to be involved as well. Enjoy this time with your teacher, the children and the new friends you will make. This is sure to be a rewarding experience for you! 


For more details, contact Jaimi Klein:
972-955-1147 or jaimi.klein@gmail.com


You must be a current member of Liberty PTA to serve as a room representative.


NOTE: Background Check Required to Volunteer
LISD board policy requires each volunteer to undergo a background check before working with students. You will need to complete the background check and create an account in VOLY, the volunteer management system, before volunteering on any LISD campus: lewisvilleisd.voly.org